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Download Zapya for PC: File transfer is one of the difficult tasks for the people who need to transfer data to different devices like Mobile Phones, Desktop Computers, Laptop, Hard disk drives and many more. But now the wireless transmission has become the popular and most easier and flexible one. You can access the files from anywhere and also from any device and even at any time. Wireless file transmission provides you with the more significant flexibility over the file transmission. The Wireless transmission can be made through the different applications between various devices. One of the best apps which has the tremendous Wireless transmission ability is the “Zapya”.

Zapya for PC is the most potent file transfer application, which provides you with a lot of options for transferring your files. You can transfer almost any data through the Zapya Application. The interface of the Zapya for PC is much simple and easy to use than many other file transfer applications. You can transfer all your files without the need for an internet connection. The transfer speed through the Zapya is higher than the other similar apps. You can transfer images, videos, audios, files, PDFs, documents and much more with the Zapya application. The Zapya PC provides you with the peer-to-peer connection which is one of the natural ways to transfer the large files without any wires.

Zapya for PC
Zapya for PC

Zapya has the most reliable and stable connectivity, So that you may not feel any connectivity or data flow issues while transferring the files. Zapya for PC is the excellent way to share all your documents and media files. The transfer speed of Zapya for Windows is much higher than the Bluetooth. You can transfer up to 10Mbps through the Zapya PC app. You can transfer up to 260 pictures in a minute through the Zapya. Zapya download for pc provides you with an option to find the nearby devices instantly. The app interface uses the GPS to see the available devices which are near you. It helps you to find the files much faster and easier than ever. Zapya for Computer provides you with some additional features which are not available in most other file transferring apps.

Features of Zapya for PC

Zapya provides you with some advanced features for sharing your files, which are given below.

Transfer Easily: Zapya for PC allows you to transfer files without the need for the internet connection, and wires.

Simple Interface: The app interface is much comfortable to use than the other similar file transfer applications.

Faster: Zapya PC has the quick sharing options, which enables you to share the files much quickly in no time.

Large Files: The app interface allows you to transfer files which are larger. You can share data of any size quickly without any hassle.

Transfer Speed: You can transfer up to 10Mbps through the Zapya. You can transfer approximately 260 pictures in a minute.

Cross-Platform: Zapya for PC is a cross-platform application so that you can share your files with different systems and also with the various platforms which include Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many more.

GPS: The app interface provides you with the options for fast discovery of the nearby devices, with the help of GPS, So that you can find the nearby devices in no time.

Features of Zapya
Features of Zapya for PC

Media Player: The Zapya PC has the built-in media player, which enables you to play the files easily and quickly in no time So that you don’t have to rely on the other third-party applications.

GIF Viewer: The Built-in GIF viewer allows you to view the GIF files in no time. You can access all the GIF files without any hassle.

QR Code: Zapya for PC provides you with the option to connect to the devices instantly through the QR code. The randomized QR code will be generated at each time when you click the QR code option, just scan the code with your device to get connected to the device instantly.

Reliable: The connection established by the Zapya application is much stable, and you may not feel any lag while using the app.

Download Zapya for PC

Specifications of the Zapya PC app is given below

Developer: DewMobile
Release Date: February 17, 2017
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Normally, Zapya File Transfer application is available for all the latest operating systems, which includes Android, iOS, Mac and many more, So that you can download Zapya for PC and experience the better file sharing options with the Zapya for Windows PC.

Click here to Download Zapya for PC

How to Install Zapya on PC

To download Zapya for PC, you have to open the homepage of the Zapya app, and just follow the steps given below to install the Zapya for Windows PC.

How to Install Zapya
How to Install Zapya for PC
  • Visit the Official site of the Zapya, just go to the download section
  • Now you can see the list of the platform, just click on the platform in which you wish to download.

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  • Then just click the download button to download the Zapya on your computer.
  • After downloading the Zapya, you can click the file to install the Zapya on your computer.
How to Install Zapya
How to Install Zapya for PC

Zapya is available for

Zapya is the multi-platform application, which is available for almost all the devices, The interface of the Zapya can fit perfectly with different platforms. The Zapya is available for the following devices.

How to Use Zapya for PC

Zapya is easy to use the app, which has the clean and straightforward interface that makes you use the application much easily and quickly. For using the Zapya for PC there is no need for the expertise, anyone can use the Zapya without any hassle. Anyhow the steps to use the Zapya is given below.

  • After installing the Zapya application just click the app icon to launch the Zapya.
  • When you open the Zapya for the first time, the app interface will ask you to create the username and the profile photo, and you can enter the username and select the profile photo from the local disk or the webcam or even from the app itself.
  • The top of the Zapya has various categories which include photos, videos, files, and applications.
  • You can click any one of the tabs in which you want to share the contents.
  • Just select the contents you wish to share and then click the send button to initiate sending
  • Now the Zapya will show up the nearby devices, just click the device you want to send the files, then the selected data will be transmitted to the specified device quickly.

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Why Zapya

Zapya is one of the best and highly used file-sharing applications, which provides you with a lot of option for sharing your files, Unlike many other file-sharing applications, the Zapya offers you with some additional features which is not available in those apps. You can transfer the more extensive data with a higher speed through the Zapya app. The interface of the Zapya is designed for the user convenience So that even the beginner can use the app without any hassle. The high cross-platform ability of the Zapya for PC enables you to share files with different devices without spending much time. The Zapya also has the built-in media player, so that you can get access to all your media contents within the app itself.

Click here to Download Zapya for PC
Why Zapya
Why Zapya

Best Alternatives to Zapya

Zapya is the highly popular and widely used application for transferring the files. The interface of the Zapya is much simple and easy to use. You can share any data in any sizes using the Zapya. The Zapya allows you to transfer an unlimited amount of files in no time. There are some alternatives to the Zapya application which are listed below. The top 4 alternatives of the Zapya are listed below.

ShareitShareit is the first and the most popular file transfer app, which can be used instead of the Zapya. It also provides you with a lot of features for file sharing. The Shareit is easy to use, and you can use Shareit instead of Zapya for Windows.

Xender: Xender is another alternative for the Zapya PC Download. The Xender has a lot of features and provides you with the faster file transfers in no time. The interface of the Xender is designed for the user convenience.

CM Transfer: CM Transfer is another alternative, which can replace the Zapya Download for PC. You can transfer any files through the CM Transfer without any limitation.

SuperBeam: SuperBeam is the standard file transfer app, which is available for years and working well with devices. Any file can be transferred through the SuperBeam with higher speeds. The application is simple to use than the other file transfer applications. You can use the SuperBeam instead of the Zapya for PC Download.

Top 5 Reviews of Zapya

“Zapya for PC works on the default folders and even each file, which is not applicable in some other file transfer apps.” – Henry Roth

“Now I can view the GIF files using the Zapya for Windows app. It is a cool feature in the file transfer app.” – Romanick Gatela

“Each time I connect the PC Zapya to other devices, it connects perfectly and quickly. It is easy to use and has better controls.” – Alexander

“Connectivity from PC to mobile is awesome, now I am transferring the files without any cables at great speed” – Diana

“Must have a Zapya for Computer to transfer the files, the transfer speed is higher, and the connection is more stable with my iPad” – Gabriella