Zapya Install | How To Install Zapya

Zapya Install | How To Install Zapya: Applications developed for every other user has made even the complex tasks into a more straightforward thing. For instance, once file transferring used wired method and was a tougher job which also takes lots of time even if two device belongs to the same platform. So when it comes to a different operating system or various devices, it is even more, a tedious thing. No matter how hard you try copying or sharing the files, it will end up in a mess. Fortunately, file sharing apps have made transferring of files easier even between different devices. Those looking for it can go with the Zapya for PC which is one of its kind and is the most popular file sharing app with the multi-platform support. Download the world’s fastest file transferring tool for the near-field communication and transfer all your files, folders, multimedia, documents and even apps wirelessly. No cable, no USB, just transfer the files in the lightning speed with the Zapya. To do so, you must have to download the Zapya app irrespective of the platform and install Zapya to make use of it. The article deals with the Zapya install and the steps to install Zapya app on your device.

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

Zapya works well when both the sender and receiver device has the app installed. When it comes to smartphone version, Zapya installation is a straightforward thing as the app is available in the respective app store. Whereas the desktop version takes quite your time as you need to download the apk version of Zapya app and an emulator to run it. The article covers the installation of Zapya for both the PC and mobile version and the steps in detail. So with Zapya app, you are no more required to use the outdated file sharing tools like Bluetooth, USB, external cable, NFC, AirDrop and more. Follow the article to make fast, free and rapid file transfer.

Zapya Install | How To Install Zapya

Zapya installation is quite simple and once with the installation gets completed, you will be able to use the Zapya app and all its features to transfer files. The following section guides you on how to download and install Zapya app on your PC or mobile device.

Guide for Zapya Install – Smartphone Version

Step 1: Download the Zapya app from the respective app store as Zapya is available for the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry mobile user.

Step 2: Wait until the Zapya app completes its downloading. Once after it gets completed, you can see the app that gets automatically installed on your smartphone.

Step 3: Now launch the app and on Zapya icon to open and start sharing the files.

You have successfully done with the installation of Zapya, and as mentioned it is the simplest way of installation.

Guide for Zapya Install – PC/Desktop Version

Step 1: The foremost requirement to download the Zapya app for desktop version needs an emulator. Download any android emulator like BlueStack from the official website.

Step 2: After downloading, launch and install the BlueStacks Software by locating it from your desktop.

Step 3: Now open the BlueStacks app player and login to your Android PlayStore.

Step 4: On the home screen of BlueStacks, you can click on the Search Button and type in as Zapya and search in via PlayStore.

Step 5: Now the search result will list many apps along with the Zapya app. Click on the app’s icon and download it.

Step 6: Once after the download, the Zapya app will install on the BlueStacks.

Step 7: Now click on the Zapya app in the App section of the BlueStacks to open it.

Step 8: You can send and receive files between different devices no quickly and easily.

Alternatively, you can just download the Zapya for your PC directly from the official Zapya website.

Zapya is also available for

Features of Zapya

  • Share files to any device irrespective of the platform you use with the Zapya app installed.
  • Transfer all your files without needing to connect it to an internet or Wifi connection and USB cable and at no additional cost.
  • Zapya PC App has a simple user interface and lets you navigate with ease.
  • You can share photos, music, videos, films, any files with any size from wherever and whenever.
  • Share any number of files with up to four users connected at the same time.
  • Transfer at a much faster rate of up to 200 times faster than the Bluetooth connection at the speed of 5 to 10 MBPS.
  • Be social with Zapya iOS app as the file sharing through this app meets all your social needs.
  • Share all your files and information through the QR codes and this method of sharing is useful for group sharing with security.
  • In addition to files, you can do app sharing between devices and Zapya also supports app data backup.
  • You can quickly preview your files with the built-in media player of this file sharing app.

Zapya Install – Screenshots

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

Zapya Install

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