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Zapya Old Version: File sharing and transferring have attained a new level as with the technology and the apps developed solely for this purpose. Previously, we would have used an external cable or Bluetooth to transfer the files. They were the oldest known method of sharing the data between the devices. It, however, takes a tremendous amount of time even to transfer a small size file. Over the years, there were lots of file sharing apps developed and made available in the store, and it has made file transferring easier and faster. Undoubtedly, Zapya for PC is the best of its kind and is used by millions of people from all over the world to transfer files with other Zapya users.

In the fast-moving world, anyone would like to move faster and experience fastest of the kind. It is apparently true in the case of file transfer, and all your file sharing needs will be satisfied with the Zapya. There have been lots of advancements made in the features of Zapya app. The improvements are done as to provide its user experience all the improvised features to share files at a much faster rate. Zapya app is the fastest and most popular smart file transferring tool whose old version is not the same as the one you are using now. So many of you would like to know what Zapya was earlier as the app has made far better improvements with every version. You will be precisely dealing with the Zapya Old Version and direct link for Zapya Old Version Free Download.

Zapya Old Version

Zapya Old Version

The wireless file transferring achieved success as with the app developments like Zapya. With every new update, the features of Zapya have been improved and have been improving. So much of new things are added, and any Zapya user will feel the ease of file sharing. Zapya has started from its development from scratch and is now available as the most advanced file transferring tool in the present era. Zapya also stands out from the USB, External Data Cables, Bluetooth, and IR technology as with its transferring speed and file types. Wireless sharing is the new trend, and Zapya is one of the best tools with which you can send and receive your photos, videos, movies, documents, and even the app itself at zero cost.

Zapya File Sharing App – An Outline

With the emerge of file transferring tool like Zapya, you can share all your files, and multimedia content to any other Zapya installed devices for free. The transferring speed cannot be matched with any of its rivals and is incomparable. Share anything within the fraction of seconds with a few taps on the Zapya app even without cables. It supports wirelessly transferring the files of any size and format for free across multiple devices belonging to different platforms. Transfer huge files between devices at 10MB/second or up to 260 pictures in a minute even without using the internet. Avail the MultiPeer connectivity framework support as like the Airdrop now in the Zapya app. Use the QR code to get connected with other Zapya user and send them files. Connect with multiple users at the same time by making them scan your Zapya QR code.

Zapya Old Version

Zapya Old Version

Select and lock any of your files into the hidden folder to add security. Get connect with up to four devices simultaneously and share your information. Other than sharing files, you can also do text chat and share video/audio streaming with your nearby friends. Get control of the camera of a connected device with the peer permission to view and capture photos remotely. You can move the phone log and photos from your old phone to the new smartphone easily. Collect, view and share the GIF animations to the social media with the GIF viewer. Find nearby devices fastly and accurately with the support of GPS location. You can capture and share video recordings, add video comment to make more fun in the short video watching experience. The latest version of Zapya Wireless sharing has come up with enhancing connection and transfer performance. See how to Install zapya here.

Zapya Old Version | Zapya Old Version Free Download

Not all the features mentioned above were made available in the Zapya Old Version. With the gradual developments, features were added on by one. Initially, Zapya served primarily as a simple file transferring tool as is developed with such an intention and thereby made people transfer the files at a faster than faster rate. However, the developers of Zapya, with an aim to gain popularity and thus to make its users get the best of file sharing experience has come up with several advancements in the recent versions. Those who need access to the old version of Zapya alone can download the Zapya file sharing app right from the below section. The Zapya old version doesn’t include QR code, GIF animations, GPS location discovery, Phone Replicate. There is not even an option available to share files with multiple people at the same time. Zapya app once was an ordinary file transferring application that is used just to transfer files of larger size at zero cost. Every version update has gradually improved and thus resulted in all the advanced features.

Zapya is also available for

Zapya Old Version

Click on the link to get Zapya Old Version.

Features of Zapya Old Version

The salient features of Zapya Old Version are as follows:

  • Transfer files of larger size within seconds with other Zapya users.
  • File sharing is made easy and fast with the Zapya for Mac.
  • Send and receive files between different devices belonging to multiple platforms.
  • Share photos, videos, music, movies, and documents at the fastest rate.
  • No cable, no USB, or no Bluetooth needed to transfer files and date.
  • No need for the data connection or you need not pay any cost to transfer the files.
  • Zapya has the support of multiple languages, and thus file sharing has become so simple.
  • The interface of the Zapya app is designed to be user-friendly.

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